Group Classes

Do you want a well behaved dog?  Make sure your dog stays a welcome member of the family by teaching him all the things you want him to know.  Training enhances your relationship with your dog.  Group classes are a great way to get started with the basics, socialize your dog and have fun letting your dog know what you expect.  Contact us today about the appropriate class for your pooch.

Basic Obedience
You will learn to clearly communicate with your dog and implement the following commands: Come, Sit, Down, Wait, Leash Walking, Leave it and Drop It. In addition, we will review basic manners such as, not jumping on people and not pulling on the leash. Your dog will also be able to incorporate all pertinent commands while walking on a leash by the end of the six classes.

Intermediate Obedience
This class continues where the basic obedience ends and will challenge your dog even more by reinforcing the commands he knows in an environment with more distractions. Keep up the fun and learning. Prerequisite is Basic Obedience or demonstrable equivalent knowledge. Ask about our “Drop-in Class”.