Underground Invisible Dog Fences

Keep your dogs safe on your property with the peace of mind that they won’t run away. Dogs don’t inherently know where their boundaries are. No yard is too big or small, no dog is too smart or stubborn to contain with the use of an underground containment system. Marc was the Director of Training for the Invisible Fence National Headquarters. His proven and successful training methods are incorporated nationwide. Call today for a FREE estimate.


Training is the key to the success of containing a dog to any underground system. The system simply supports and reinforces the training. Have it done right the first time. It’s much harder to re-train a dog once she has learned there is a way out. If you are getting a fence or need a fence Marc can train your dog to STAY in the yard. If you already have an existing and functional system and your dog is getting out, he can Re-train your dog to stay in.


If you need an underground system give us a call for a free estimate. Marc has the most affordable and reliable systems on the Island.


Proper installation and property configuration is important to ensure success. Ever dog is different and so is every yard. Marc will customize the installation to best fit your needs. He takes a “dogs” eye view when planning the best configuration for installation.
Call for a FREE estimate.