Marc gets my highest recommendation… one of the best in his field.
Brian Kilcommons
Leading Authority on Dog Training
and author of  “Good Owners, Great Dogs”

Marc quickly adapts to different pet personalities… He has a very  effective, common sense philosophy and does an excellent job presenting it. We now have four happy dogs.
Kirsten Sauter, D.V.M.

One day I looked at my husband and said I think it’s time we get a dog and he looked at me like “seriously” I kept at it for a few days until he entertained my idea.  His words were “do the research and I will consider it”.  In just a couple of days I found a breeder and our trainer.  I made some calls and the trainer that made me feel most comfortable was Marc Street.  Marc took my numerous calls of questions.  Our first conversation was over 30 minutes and ultimately it was just a phone interview.  Marc went over all of my options when it came to training and the socialization of our dog.  Nola our Rhodesian Ridgeback at maturity will be between 75 to 100 pounds and 30 inches tall.  I knew I would have a big dog in a small body for only a short amount of time and would need Marc’s guidance and help throughout Nola’s development.

On my way to choose our dog, I called Marc and he guided me on how to choose our new family member.  I followed his wisdom while selecting our dog and feel thankful to have had his help because I always thought the dog would choose me.

Nola came home and we began training immediately.  I’ve never witnessed such control and trust earned in such a small amount of time.  Marc worked with me and my husband for weeks until we felt comfortable and fully understood the training and the follow up process.  If I had a question or concern I would reach out to Marc and he would walk me through to the solution.  Finally, once I had expressed concern because our three year old daughter sometimes challenges our boundaries with Nola.  Marc came over and spent time with my daughter and Nola together to better assist me.  Marc has made a big impact on our family with the addition of Nola.  At 6 months our time of training has ended but, I am certain if Marc walked in my front door Nola would greet him with celebration of joy.  I highly recommend Marc Street to guide you and your dog to success.

Delray Logan
West Palm Beach